As of Friday June 5, Raleigh Rolfing will be reopening to see clients on a limited schedule basis. In order to minimize contact with acupuncture clients in the office, I will temporarily only be offering online bookable appoints in the Raleigh Office on Fridays and Saturdays. Appointments in the Durham Office will be offered on a limited by-direct-appointment basis by Contact

The surge in Covid-19 has shifted the ability to perform Rolfing bodywork in a perceived space of safety. Because we can not thoroughly detect or track cases, Rolfing at this time can only be performed under some assumption of risk. As always, I ask that you take both your health and the health of your therapist and fellow clients into account when booking sessions. If you are in a high risk group or have any concerns, please talk to me as early in advance of your session as possible. Meantime, I feel there is a balance to be struck between minimizing the spread of disease and aiding the health of those who are in need. To that end, Raleigh Rolfing is implementing the following changes and protocols for the foreseeable future:

  • All clients and therapist must wear a respiratory mask covering their face and nose during all session time in the office. Clients are asked to bring their owns masks to the session.
  • Clients will be sent a Covid-19 screening questionnaire by email 24 hours prior to their session. Please fill this out as early as reasonably possible to help us consider risk factors and to discuss and needs or concerns.
  • A no-contact forehead thermometer will be used to take the temperature of every client before their session. Signs of a fever will mean an immediate no-fault cancellation of the session
  • Clients will be asked to wash their hands at the beginning of sessions. Practitioner will be washing hands forearms and elbows between sessions to allow for dry time and will rewash hands at the beginning of sessions.
  • Client sessions are being spaced further apart to allow time for additional cleaning measures between sessions and to avoid client overlap. A specific regimen of cleaning and disinfection will be used on all hard surfaces in the office as well as regularly touched surfaces like door knobs between the treatment room and outdoors.
  • Extra time will also be used to meet clients at the front door or the lobby rather than in the waiting room. Should you arrive early or expect to be late please Contact Jason to let him know.
  • A high grade Austin Air machine with a HEPA filter will but running in the office 24/7 including during sessions. Depending on the day, windows may be opened as well. And as much sunlight as possible is being let into the office daily.
  • Card-on-file payment will continue to be used and I amstill receiving checks or cash if you prefer. If you need to put a new credit card on file with us that can be done manually in the office or I can send you an emailed link to put cards on file yourself.
  • A commitment to continuing to monitor my own health and report any changes immediately to any potential contacts should I find evidence of active infection in myself or someone I have come in contact with.


 Again please understand that this is a best effort to mitigate risk but cannot erase it entirely. If you do not feel safe enough coming in, but need aid, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss option like remote movement work or resources like Self Help Movement Books or Books on Trauma and Nervous System Regulation that may also help you to help yourself better until we can meet again with less risk.